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Traffic Quality Audit

Shine a light on your advertising performance.

Get full visibility into how invalid traffic is impacting your digital advertising budget and discover actionable insights to optimise more effectively.


What is a

traffic quality audit?

The appeal of digital advertising is that you can show your ads to your target audience and pay only when they engage with them. At least, that is how it is supposed to be. Today, over half of all Internet traffic is generated by bots. And from the ads served to and clicked by real people, many are not genuinely engaging with the advertising.

With your own Traffic Quality Audit, TrafficGuard will:

  • Analyse your live advertising traffic over a two week period
  • Help you see what proportion of your advertising traffic is genuine and what is invalid
  • Shine a light on where both your highest and lowest quality traffic is coming from at a granular level to inform optimisation
  • Demonstrate how real-time verification of all advertising engagements delivers the best advertising performance


Complete clarity of


Know which channels, campaigns, creatives, etc are really performing. Get a complete view of performance, without the skewing influence of invalid traffic.

Learn how much more effective your advertising can be

Optimisation is only as effective as the data that drives it. See how accurate performance data and stakeholder visibility can power better advertising performance.

Ready to shine a light on your advertising performance?

Share your details below and we will reach out to set up your custom Traffic Quality Audit.

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