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Measurement, viewability & verification

Measure, verify, protect, grow.

Effective optimisation depends on the accuracy of the data it is based on. Viewability is just the start. Measure and verify every ad engagement in your digital advertising journey to supercharge your advertising performance.



Scale and optimise with confidence

With clean performance data, you can make fast optimisation decisions and scale activity to improve your return on ad spend and drive success.

Complete clarity of performance

Know which channels, campaigns, creatives, etc are really performing. Get a complete view of performance, without the skewing influence of invalid traffic.

Save time and drive advertising ROI

Optimisation is only as effective as the data that drives it. Get the best advertising performance powered by accurate performance data.


Full funnel verification

When a conversion is misattributed, the subsequent value of that conversion is inherited by the source and channel mistakenly credited, leading to increased investment in the fraud-inflated source. By verifying all ad engagements, you make it harder for invalid traffic to evade detection and protect the integrity of the data that powers your most important advertising decisions.


Don’t let unviewable ads take your ad spend and skew your performance metrics. With TrafficGuard you can ensure that your ads are viewable to MRC standards so that your ads have a chance to convert.

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