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PPC Protection

Same ad spend.

Better results.

Every dollar you don’t spend on ad fraud helps you reach more potential customers. Try TrafficGuard’s PPC Protection to stop ad fraud in Google Ads and grow your reach today.


How it works


TrafficGuard uses parallel tracking to ensure that user experience is maintained on your ads. Every time your ad is clicked, details are sent to TrafficGuard, while the user continues on to your landing page.


As sources of invalid traffic are identified, TrafficGuard updates exclusion lists in Google Ads to tell Google to stop showing your ads to those bad actors.


TrafficGuard analyses data from each click and the intelligence gained from analysis across all its suite of ad verification solutions to reliably identify sources of invalid traffic.


Overtime, TrafficGuard is continuously evaluating, prioritising, adding and removing exclusions based on where the biggest threats to your campaigns are. Giving you truly tailored protection.

Getting started


Set up Google Ads property in TrafficGuard


Install tracking on site

See your traffic verified in real-time in the TrafficGuard portal.

Start protecting your ad spend today!

Advertising needs change as businesses grow. We’ll help you protect your ad spend throughout your journey with price plans for any ad budget.

Other capabilities

Ad Fraud Prevention

Ad Fraud Prevention

Measurement & Verification

Measurement & Verification