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PPC Protection

Same ad spend.

Better results.

Every dollar you don’t spend on ad fraud helps you reach more potential customers. Try TrafficGuard’s PPC Protection to stop ad fraud in Google Ads and grow your reach today.



Protect spend with automated fraud prevention

Make sure your advertising results in genuine engagement

Save time and drive advertising ROI

TrafficGuard’s PPC Protection delivers ROI in the following 3 ways:


Improved Optimisation

Make better advertising decisions based on verified traffic data to get the best advertising performance.

Saved Ad Spend

Ad spend that would have been wasted on ad fraud that TrafficGuard proactively prevented.

Google Ads Refund

Sometimes, even when invalid traffic is present, sources can’t be blocked without catching genuine traffic in the crossfire. When this is the case, you can use TrafficGuard reporting to submit a refund claim to Google Ads.


Award winning PPC Protection


Best PPC OptimisationTool 2020

EMMA 2020

Most Effective Anti-Fraud Solution 2020


Best Anti-fraud Solutionin Advertising 2020

Financial Review BOSS

Most innovativeCompanies 2020



Automated fraud prevention

TrafficGuard proactively stops your ads from showing to sources of invalid traffic, protecting you from ad fraud. Focus your time and effort on optimisation and growth, and leave fraud fighting to TrafficGuard.

analytics dashboard

Intelligent real-time analytics

Drive your campaign optimisation with an unprecedented level of visibility into traffic quality across your Google Ads campaigns.


Unlike our competitors, false-positives don’t fly with us

Reckless legacy tools stop some invalid traffic, but usually end up costing your business actual customers who never get to see your ads because of aggressive rules.

Propensity to Convert
TrafficGuard’s Propensity to Convert algorithm monitors behaviour signals on ad engagements from traffic sources across all TrafficGuard protected advertising to give each a score of how likely it is to deliver valid traffic. This ensures that genuine traffic with the potential to deliver ROI isn’t caught in the crossfire.

Start protecting your ad spend today!

Advertising needs change as businesses grow. We’ll help you protect your ad spend throughout your journey with price plans for any ad budget.

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Ad Fraud Prevention

Ad Fraud Prevention

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