Hidden/stacked/covered or otherwise intentionally obfuscated ad serving

MRC Definition When multiple ads are delivered to the same page or app but are intentionally hidden – e.g, impossible for the user to see them – they are considered invalid ads. Classification Sophisticated Invalid Traffic TrafficGuard Indicators Registering multiple clicks from the same user at the… Read more

Compliance Fraud

MRC Definition Compliance Fraud occurs when traffic is deliberately sourced from outside of the advertiser’s target audience or using means prohibited by the advertiser. Usually, the objective of the fraudster, in this case, is to maximise their ROI by misrepresenting cheap traffic as premium traffic. For example, sending traffic from… Read more

Click Spam

Click spam occurs when a large volume of clicks are faked on a mobile device, even though the user never clicked the ad. If the user or a user with a similar fingerprint later visits the target website and installs the app, the spammer receives credit for the install and… Read more

Click Injection

The Android operating system broadcasts to all apps on the same device that a new app is being downloaded. Fraudsters develop seemingly legitimate apps and tools that use this broadcast to trigger clicks to the app store. The click will occur after the new app is downloaded, but before it… Read more

Cookie Stuffing

A type of affiliate marketing fraud, cookie stuffing or cookie dropping is the practice of surreptitiously attaching multiple third-party cookies to a user after they visit a website or click on a link. Read more

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