How ad networks use fraud prevention to attract higher client budgets

How ad networks use fraud prevention to attract higher client budgets

Insights 14 May 2019 Posted by TrafficGuard

In a sea of ad networks competing for client ad spend, it can be difficult to differentiate from your competitors and grow your market share. Advertisers are transient and frequently switch ad networks, so how do you make sure you can not only keep getting your budget allocation replenished but actually grow your piece of the pie?

Budget utilisation

When an advertiser engages an ad network they allocate a portion of their overall media spend to that ad network by way of a $ budget or number of conversions. The advertiser, who is trying to grow their customer base, wants you to deliver lots of genuine traffic and fully utilise the allocation they have given to you. When you fully utilise budgets and traffic quality is good, you can:

  • Maximise your earning potential providing your whole allocation;
  • Greatly improve your chances of having your budget replenished; and
  • May even get your budget replenished sooner.

When fraud is present in your traffic, full utilisation is impossible. The proportion of traffic that is invalidated is the minimum client budget that you’re leaving on the table. For example, if 25% of conversions delivered to a client are fraudulent, 25% of the budget will be refunded to the client at the end of the campaign.
Wasted ad budget
With 25% fraud, only 75% of the budget has been utilised to deliver conversions. Underutilised budgets, not to mention eroded trust, encourage advertisers to look for new ad networks.

On the flip-side, removing fraud in real-time and utilising 100% of budgets on valid traffic, the likelihood of clients renewing their budget is higher. If the campaign delivers strong conversions and utilises the budget sooner than the end of the period, the advertiser may choose to increase the budget. This opportunity to grow revenue with clients is lost if there is fraud consuming ad spend and diminishing optimisation opportunities.

Our Buyer’s Guide for ad networks can help you understand the capabilities required of an ad fraud prevention solution to proactively remove fraud. Knowing what to look for and how to evaluate solutions will help you select a fraud prevention tool that not only protects ad spend, but drives your growth.
Download your copy of the ad fraud prevention Buyer’s Guide for ad networks.

How ad networks use fraud prevention to attract higher client budgets

Ad fraud prevention Buyer's Guide for ad networks

Invalid traffic can damage your reputation, erode the trust with your clients and ultimately impact your growth and revenue potential.

Download your free copy of our buyer’s guide to learn about:

  • The three steps to identify the right anti-fraud solution for your business
  • The various direct and indirect costs of ad fraud for ad networks
  • The importance of surgically removing ad fraud in real-time
  • How to differentiate true machine learning capabilities from marketing spin

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