The 4 Stages of Ad Fraud Prevention Maturity

The 4 Stages of Ad Fraud Prevention Maturity

Insights 04 February 2019 Posted by TrafficGuard

According to Juniper Research, by 2022, the total loss to mobile advertising fraud is forecasted to reach US$87 billion, rising from US$34 billion in 2018. As spend continues to increase on digital advertising, ensuring your campaigns are protected from fraud is more important than ever before.

Many factors contribute to the capabilities of an ad fraud prevention solution, so understanding how to identify a proactive solution is critical in comprehensively defending your campaigns from ad fraud. No matter where you are on the journey to protecting your campaigns from fraud, you may find yourself asking:

  1. What does best practice look like?
  2. What is the roadmap to best practice?
  3. What value does improving my fraud defence add?

Our infographic below has some insights into these questions:

Ad fraud prevention roadmap infographic


A New Approach to Fraud Protection

Read more about the different approaches to protecting your ad spend from fraud in our whitepaper.

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