The TrafficGuard way in warding off ad fraud in Indonesia

The TrafficGuard way in warding off ad fraud in Indonesia

Media 27 September 2019 Posted by Luke Taylor
This commentary originally appeared in Warta Ekonomi and is translated from its publication language, Bahasa.


Luke Taylor, COO of Australia-based TrafficGuard, said that he is proud to be working with two of Indonesia’s popular unicorns; Go-Jek and Bukalapak. Helping these kinds of companies, which invest big budgets in digital advertising, to ward off ad fraud cases is important – especially around key events such as Harbolnas (National Online Shopping Day) when the threat of ad fraud increases. Globally, approximately 20-30% of total ad traffic, are found to be fraudulent according to TrafficGuard.


“Ad fraud is not something that occurs by the month. It’s happening every minute of every day, and can impact any kind of company, no matter what their industry.” – Luke Taylor


To deter fraudsters, TrafficGuard blocks fraudsters from being able to use bots to perform fraudulent acts. “We can determine whether a user is genuine or fake in a matter of 40 milliseconds, enabling us to essentially detect fraud in real-time. Around two-thirds of our team is made up of data scientists and engineers who focus on developing our machine learning and AI techniques to identify patterns of crime. Our power lies in a combination of these two strengths; our overall knowledge of the advertising industry, and our technical and data prowess,” explained Luke.


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