TrafficGuard to provide fraud prevention to Metrix

TrafficGuard to provide fraud prevention to Metrix

News 11 March 2019 Posted by TrafficGuard

TrafficGuard is pleased to be offering fraud prevention to mobile measurement platform, Metrix.

Juniper Research estimates that in 2018, 1 in 13 app installs were fraudulent with click injection being a major contributor to that statistic. Click Injection and click spam are tactics employed by fraudsters to trick measurement platforms and steal attribution of installs from legitimate sources.

Metrix clients will benefit from TrafficGuard’s surgical approach to fraud prevention enabling it to reliably remove invalid traffic before attribution. This means both advertisers and traffic sources can optimise fast to drive superior return on ad spend.

We are delighted to now be running TrafficGuard across all of our client traffic. As a measurement platform, we want to make sure advertising attribution is accurate and our clients are protected from fraud. Working with TrafficGuard to protect our clients’ ad spend is going to be a strong selling point for Metrix as we grow.

       – Sadegh Mohsennia, CEO Metrix.


Mobile ad fraud is rapidly growing, global problem. While many measurement platforms charge additional fees to protect their clients from fraud, Metrix is removing fraud as part of their service. We are delighted to help Metrix protect their clients. Their proactive approach to fighting fraud aligns strongly with our mission to drive trust and transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem.

       – Mathew Ratty, CEO TrafficGuard.

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