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Clarity beyond measure.

By verifying advertising engagement and protecting budgets, we help businesses get the clarity they need to unlock the best advertising results.


Advertise and grow
with confidence.

We believe the best advertising performance comes from decisions based on accurate data.

With complete trust and confidence in the data you use to drive performance, you can act faster and be bolder to get the best results.


Our capabilities

Universal ad fraud prevention

Trust TrafficGuard to stop invalid traffic in real time across the whole advertising journey. With our surgical fraud prevention, your budget is always protected helping you scale and grow with confidence. Protect any campaign type and all channels from one specialist solution.

Measurement & verification

The best advertising performance starts with timely and accurate data. Measure and verify every ad engagement in your digital advertising journey - impressions, clicks, conversions - to protect the integrity of performance data and power superior campaign optimisation.

PPC fraud prevention

Competitors clicking ads, bots and click farms are just some of the ways that invalid traffic siphons off your PPC advertising budget. Every dollar you don’t spend on ad fraud helps you reach more potential customers. TrafficGuard’s PPC Protection is a dedicated solution for PPC advertising including Google Ads.

Customers spotlight

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“By having cleaner traffic, we could find reliable sources and allocate budget better, putting money where it is really bringing results. Having a fraud prevention solution is a must for any growth professional. TrafficGuard is a key partner to helping us achieve our results.”

Gabriel Sampaio, Grow lead-Digital Channel, Rappi

“Gone are the days of manually optimising out fraud. Now we can better focus on driving results for our clients.”


"Knowing that our app installs are independently verified gives us confidence that misattribution is mitigated and our data stays as clean as possible, providing accuracy to our digital advertising performance measurement. TrafficGuard is integral to our user acquisition strategy."

Jasper Distel, Head of Growth, Gojek

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