Employee Spotlight: André, Head of Technology and Engineering at TrafficGuard

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In this edition of TrafficGuard’s team member spotlight, we're thrilled to introduce André, our Head of Technology and Engineering. André is the driving force behind our innovation, ensuring TrafficGuard stays ahead in detecting invalid traffic (IVT).

Question #1: How does TrafficGuard stay ahead of the curve in detecting IVT?

Think of us like a team of detectives in a never-ending game of cat and mouse with online fraudsters. Detecting invalid traffic (IVT) is our top priority, much like how solving crimes is for detectives. We don't just rely on basic methods; we use a sophisticated system akin to analysing fingerprints and footprints. This includes examining hundreds of data points for each online interaction using established rules and cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms. Our dedicated research and engineering teams are like forensic experts, constantly studying new tactics used by fraudsters to enhance our defences. So, just like real detectives, we're always one step ahead, ensuring our clients can trust in our ability to keep their online spaces safe and secure.

Question #2: What unique technology challenges do you face at TrafficGuard?

Handling the enormous volume of ad impressions, clicks, and events we deal with daily presents a major scalability challenge. To tackle this, we've implemented intelligent, predictive scaling into our infrastructure, allowing us to ramp up capacity during traffic spikes efficiently. Additionally, real-time detection is crucial in our work, requiring lightning-fast analysis in milliseconds. That's why we've adopted cutting-edge Google Cloud technologies to manage this demanding workload.

Question #3: How does the new dashboard's technical architecture enable a seamless and responsive user experience for clients?

Let me walk you through the magic of our new dashboard's technical setup. We didn't just give it a fresh coat of paint; we completely reinvented its architecture. Now, it's like having a dashboard tailor-made for each client—it adapts to different screen sizes effortlessly, ensuring everyone gets the best view possible.

We've beefed up the reporting side of things big time. Imagine all your important data seamlessly flowing from different sources, neatly organised in one place. It's like having a super-powered data hub at your fingertips, giving you a complete picture of how TrafficGuard safeguards your ad campaigns and boosts your bottom line.
Our new data layer is built for speed. Clients will experience consistently fast load times and smooth interactions, making the dashboard both efficient and enjoyable.  So yeah, get ready for a whole new level of user experience – because our new dashboard is built to impress.

Question #4: How does the engineering team plan to address potential scalability challenges as client usage of the dashboard grows?

Ah, scaling up to meet our clients' needs is like a never-ending game of Tetris for our engineering wizards. Picture this: our team doesn't just work in silos; we're all about that teamwork. We're constantly fine-tuning every little bit of our system, making sure it runs smoother than a well-oiled machine.

When it comes to fast reporting, we've got some serious firepower. Our data architecture is like a fortress, ready to handle growth spurts. We've tapped into Google Cloud BigQuery's caching magic, giving us instant access to even the biggest datasets. And hey, we're not just reactive; we're proactive. Our system's like a superhero, always monitoring and scaling up before realising you need it.

At TrafficGuard, we're not content with just being good; we're always aiming for greatness. That's why we constantly upgrade our tech stack, staying ahead of the curve to ensure top-notch security and performance for our clients.

Question #5: Have there been any specific engineering innovations or breakthroughs during the dashboard development that you believe will significantly benefit clients?

You know, flexibility is crucial for our clients and the future of TrafficGuard. We've doubled down on best coding practices and smart project structuring, ensuring our dashboard is as adaptable as a chameleon. Plus, we're constantly tweaking our technology stack, keeping it fresh and ready to handle whatever comes our way – new integrations or emerging tech trends.

And let me tell you, my role as Head of Technology and Engineering isn't just a title. It's about leading the charge in innovation and ensuring TrafficGuard stays at the top of its game. So stay tuned, because there's a lot more to come as we continue to push the envelope and tailor our platform to meet our client's ever-evolving needs.

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