The Top Agency Marketers To Follow Right Now

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What makes a marketing expert? 

The relentless growth of AI is a question that we all have to reckon with at the moment as it’s increasingly used to support productivity and reshape creativity. While there are undoubtedly many positives to be taken from this, the flip side is that AI is making us recognise that the value of genuine human insight, authenticity and experience is more important than ever. 

Against that backdrop, we took it upon ourselves to find the top agency marketers out there right now and wow, was it tough. Tough to narrow it down to only nine, that is. There’s a lot of very talented people out there.

We looked not just for a solid track record of awards and industry accolades, but also at people looking at things a bit differently and who will hopefully encourage you to do the same.
With that in mind, we’re proud to present the ultimate list of marketers who are rewriting the rules and inspiring the next generation - give them a follow, and we promise you won’t regret it. 

1. Robert Lai


Robert’s analytical approach, problem-solving outlook and award-winning results will have you thinking differently about how you approach performance marketing. 

As CEO of performance agency Kaliber, he is a key player in Singapore’s marketing community and regularly shares his wisdom on common industry frustrations. 

Robert is also the brains behind Middy’s, a monthly event that brings together the marketing community across APAC for drinks, laughs and marketing insights. 

Follow Robert for: Performance marketing strategies and industry insights. Find him here.

2. Patricia Marange

Executive Director, LA Office Lead and Head of Affiliate Marketing & Partnerships
Mindshare LA 

An award-winning thought leader, Patricia is the LA Office Lead at global media behemoth Mindshare. 

A regular speaker on affiliate marketing and how brands can effectively leverage it for growth, Patricia has been honoured with some of the biggest accolades in the industry throughout her career, and now as head of Mindshare’s LA operation is tasked with driving sustainable long-term growth for the business.

Follow her for the latest affiliate marketing insights, plus the odd karaoke reference. 

Follow Patricia for: Affiliate marketing insights. Follow her here.

3. Sian Whitnall

OMD Australia

Co-CEO of OMD Worldwide’s Australia team, Sian’s insights on nurturing talent, ‘good growth’ and leadership development are a must-read. 

Sian is committed to mentoring young talent and fostering a positive team culture; she’s a well-known leader in the Australian digital landscape; publishing regular white papers and speaking at industry events. 

Sian has been named as one of Australia’s Best of the Best by B&T Magazine, and was featured in Campaign Asia’s ‘40 under 40’.

Follow Sian for: Talent development and leadership tips. Connect with Sian here.

4. Alona Babenko

PPC Manager
Media Panthers

An iGaming and sports betting rising star at sports marketing specialists Media Panthers, Alona is a regular face at industry events as part of the next generation of digital marketing talent shaping the industry with innovation and expertise: definitely one to watch.

Follow Alona for: The latest in PPC and affiliate opportunities here.

5. Sam Wright

Managing Director
Blink SEO

If eCommerce is your thing, look no further than industry veteran Sam.

His expert insights - drawn from real data and use cases, as well as lengthy industry experience - on topics such as reducing CACs, and making the best use of data will be invaluable when developing your next strategy.

When Blink couldn’t find a tool to solve SEO issues they were encountering with the Shopify platform they built one, which tells you everything you need to know.

Follow Sam for: SEO expertise, particularly in the eCommerce sector. Here he is

6. Marshall Nyman

Founder & CEO
Nymo & Co

With a focus on affiliate marketing strategy for early-stage brands. Marshall’s feed is a wealth of information for start-ups covering topics such as fraud prevention and the challenges of scaling up

Nymo & Co takes a highly strategic, content-first approach to driving growth through affiliate marketing which comes through both in Marshall’s output and in his podcast, The Performance Marketing Spotlight (also a must-follow). 

We’re eagerly awaiting Marshall’s take on the recently announced Google roll-out.

Follow Marshall for: Advice on using content strategy to scale your affiliate programmes. Find him here

7. Scott Abbott


A specialist in complex digital marketing solutions, Scott’s feed offers a mix of thought leadership from digital marketing agency Brainlabs, as well as the latest opportunities at the fast-growing agency, which recently secured significant funding. 

Keep a particular eye out for Brainlabs’ invaluable long-form content, like this white-paper on making the most of Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

Follow Scott for: Thought leadership and strategic insight. Connect with him here.

8. Todd Clouser

Head of Audience Marketing

A passionate advocate for strategic content marketing in the B2B space, Todd’s thought-provoking and insightful videos will have you questioning your content strategy in the best possible way. He might even convince your business to set up a TikTok account.  

In addition to content expertise, Todd is also an experienced thought leader, willing to share his wisdom on everything from the state of the industry to navigating internal challenges.

Follow Todd for: Tips on developing great content to maximise engagement with your audience. Connect here.

9. Chris Walker

Chairman at Refine Labs
CEO at Passetto

A leader in developing innovative GTM strategy and execution for B2B clients through his Refine Labs and Passetto agencies, look to Chris for B2B market insight and in-depth strategic leadership, both via LinkedIn and through his Revenue Vitals podcast.

Chris’s Google paid search analysis is worth the price of admission alone, but his bite-size strategy videos with their actionable insights really get us hooked. 

Follow Chris for: Actionable insights here.


So there it is: the top agency marketers right now, and why you should be following them. Did we miss anyone? Feel free to head over to TrafficGuard’s page and let us know, and we’ll be sure to add them next time. 

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