Unlocked Budget: Providing accurate platform ROI in real time.

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Every SaaS platform needs to prove its value, and our new feature does just that. Unlocked Budget shows how much of your ad spend is being saved from the effects of invalid traffic and reinvested in valid sources.

How does it work?

Have you completed an audit with TrafficGuard? If yes, we’ll provide you with a super accurate estimation of savings, based on the amount of invalid traffic we could have prevented during that period.

If you didn’t, don’t worry. For customers who haven’t had an audit we can still provide an incredibly precise simulation of savings, based on a benchmark dataset we have collected from multiple industries, geographies, and ad types.

How will it help me?

Prove ROI internally

You likely have to report on the ROI of marketing campaigns on a quarterly, or even monthly, basis—this can be a huge administrative burden on PPC marketers who juggle many platforms and channels. Unlocked Budget removes this manual task, providing you with a real time metric to instantly demonstrate the ROI of the platform. This is extra useful for agencies using TrafficGuard, who may be running multiple accounts.

Even more insights

We’re all about transparency at TrafficGuard, and believe that the more insight you have into your marketing data the better. Having accurate visibility into how much you’re saving with your fraud prevention solution will help you make better decisions when it comes to budget allocation and future campaign planning.

What’s the big deal?

As always, the TrafficGuard engineers have gone the extra mile. We know some of our competitors already give estimates of how much budget has been saved by multiplying invalid clicks by an average CPC you provide, but TrafficGuard's Unlocked Budget feature uses actual data and statistics to calculate a value you can use with confidence.

Getting started with Unlocked Budget.

The feature launches on April 10th 2022 and will be made available to all enterprise customers. Simply log into your TrafficGuard account and see for yourself! Any questions in the meantime, check out our knowledge base!

Get started - it's free

You can set up a TrafficGuard account in minutes, so we’ll be protecting your campaigns before you can say ‘sky-high ROI’.

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