Five Tools that Make my Work Easier

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Running a fast-paced company can be challenging and a difficult task for most. Being able to juggle a stressful job coupled with a decentralised team can be a struggle. However, there are those that thrive in this environment. We are on a mission to find these people.

To find out more, we speak to Mathew Ratty about the tools he uses to help boost his productivity. Mathew is the CEO of TrafficGuard, a platform that provides comprehensive ad verification, measurement and fraud protection for brands, apps, agencies and ad networks. He brings with him seven years of experience in the digital ad tech industry.

He is also an active technology investor, having invested in a large number of companies over the last 10 years. Mathew is also the CEO of Adveritas, and is responsible for leading the strategy of bringing Adveritas’s main product, TrafficGuard, to market whilst building out his C-level executive team.

TrafficGuard is a Google verification partner and has multiple integrations that enable the protection of ad spend for leading global businesses including unicorns like Rappi and GoJek; mobile ad agency, MUV; and eCommerce giants Bukalapak and Centauro.

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