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Optimise with TrafficGuard's Performance Max. Combat invalid traffic in the world of sports betting, gain insights, and elevate your gains. Add TrafficGuard’s award-winning invalid traffic prevention solution to your strategy.

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Invalid traffic is pervasive across Sports Betting & Online Gaming digital advertising activity...

...and it's draining profits from the industry every day.


The total cost of ad fraud is  predicted to increase to $100 billion by the end of 2023[1]


TrafficGuard has seen campaigns where 97% of budget is spent serving ads to existing customers.


65% of betting websites and 78% of betting apps are affected by automated bot activity[2]

Delivering these revenue-boosting benefits for online bookmakers…

Driving down customer acquisition costs using industry-first technology, such ad shadow campaigns

Blocking repeat clicks which drain budget for no new ROI

Boost return on ad spend (ROAS) across all marketing channels and outshine competition with the same ad spend as before

Multichannel fraud protection, fortified by a powerful bot-blasting algorithm

Google Search

Optimise your ad budget to better compete for sports betting keywords

Mobile UA

Drive more traffic to your app and verify the data from your third-party advertisers


Massively improve return on affiliate spend by validating traffic from the channels you can’t control


Remove invalid traffic and see greater returns from lucrative social channels

After working with betting-giant William Hill to protect their PPC campaigns, we found…

  • 43% of William Hill’s PPC traffic came from sources of IVT
  • William Hill were enjoying a 4.5X ROI of the whole solution, an 80% reduction in IVT
  • and an IVT cost rate reduction of 94%.

Built with you in mind: Award-winning sports betting ad fraud protection

Sports betting marketers face huge customer acquisition costs, a large number of competitors, and above-average levels of bot activity. The odds don’t look great.

That’s why sports betting marketers must make every penny of their ad budget work hard to stand out from the competition, drive web traffic and increase conversions. TrafficGuard is built to solve sports betting marketing pain points, drive ROAS, and reduce the impact of returning customers on ad budgets. 

Why not see for yourself? Try our invalid traffic calculator 👇

Using data from over 5000 TrafficGuard customers, we’ve created the ultimate tool for estimating the financial impact invalid traffic is having on your campaigns. Don’t take our word for it, let the numbers talk.

Bigger, better, brainier. Choose TrafficGuard for unparalleled benefits.

TrafficGuard is the provider of choice to the world’s largest sports betting companies

Heard of William Hill? Ladbrokes? Tab Corp? Entain? Chances are your competitors are using TrafficGuard. We are the go-to ad fraud protection platform for the biggest names in the betting biz, with many market-leading companies choosing our superior offering over our competitors’ off-the-rack solutions. 

TrafficGuard drives down customer acquisition costs

TrafficGuard reduces CAC by using custom verification rules and shadow campaigns to cap the number of times a user can repeatedly click on an ad; saving your budget for genuine users that are more likely to convert and maximising ROI. No other ad fraud prevention provider on the market uses shadow campaigns to drive down CAC. It’s rather good.

TrafficGuard runs on the most intelligent ad fraud protection algorithm

TrafficGuard’s AI/ML models analyse combinations of indicators over time and across devices to detect fraud as it evolves as well as mitigate false positives. When used alongside rules engines and blacklists, our models provide far greater protection against both known and unknown forms of ad fraud.

TrafficGuard has loads of friends

We’re integrated with many ad networks and affiliate platforms and are constantly building relationships to ensure we have the most comprehensive partnership matrix on the market.

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