Invalid Traffic Protection For Sports Betting

Slash customer acquisition costs and drive up ROAS? Jackpot.

  • US sports betting spend will surge past $130 billion in 2023

  • 34% of traffic through iGambling campaigns is invalid

  • TrafficGuard has seen sports betting campaigns where 97% of budget is spent serving ads to existing customers

Partner with TrafficGuard to identify real players, and eliminate fake clicks and impressions.

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Why your ads aren’t top of the podium

The problems facing the US sports betting industry 👇


High acquisition costs from bidding battles in a competitive market.


Paid media cannibalising organic so budget is wasted on returning users.


Bonus abuse when fraudsters use automated bots to steal financial bonuses.

Foul Play: How invalid traffic and ad fraud are affecting you

Discover how invalid traffic is causing financial losses in the sports betting industry, and the ways TrafficGuard is fighting back.

Our playbook for sports betting success

Driving down customer acquisition costs

Pay less for better users, it’s that simple. We’ve developed proprietary technology, Shadow Campaigns, which filter those budget-draining repeat clickers into separate campaigns with massively reduced CPCs. You pay less for inefficient clicks, and have a better optimised budget which you can divert towards bagging new customers.

Increasing ROAS by eradicating duplicate clicks

Use our powerful, real-time click frequency rule – to manage those “hyper-engaged” returning users from wreaking havoc on your brand search ads. Stop users from clicking on your ads excessively to access your website, lowering your customer acquisition cost.

All-stars unite: How we’ve helped the biggest names in the business

Spotlight | William Hill:
Skyrocketing ROI for one of Britain's largest bookmakers

  • 43% of William Hill’s PPC traffic came from sources of IVT
  • 80% of IVT was reduced, leading to a 4.5 X ROI of the platform
  • 94% of IVT costs were removed

Don't gamble with your ROI, find out more about TrafficGuard now


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