Unlock the Full Potential of Your Performance Max Campaigns

We’re breaking open the black box of Google’s advertising ecosystem; delivering transparency and insights to marketers who want the full picture.

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What is Google Performance Max?

Google Performance Max is the future of goal-oriented
advertising campaigns. Designed to simplify the
complex landscape of digital advertising, Performance
Max offers advertisers an unparalleled edge.

✅ Goal-Driven: Set unique conversion targets tailored to your needs.

✅ Smart Automation: Bid smarter, not harder with
automated optimisations.

✅ Unified Strategy: One campaign, optimised across all Google ad platforms.

Are you affected by these common PMax challenges?

❌ Operates as a ‘black box’ with no manual

❌ No visibility of channel-specific performance or

❌ Only provides visibility of invalid traffic at the
campaign level

TrafficGuard's Performance Max Solution

Dive deep into how TrafficGuard provides visibility, insights, and tools for optimisation.

Analytics | Reporting Suite

Totally unmatched transparency. The reporting suite shows spend breakdown across channels as well as impressions, clicks and conversions.

  • Illuminate the “black box” of PMax, making it easy to optimise your campaigns
  • Utilise ROI insights for data-driven decision-making
  • Collaborate effectively with your Google Account Manager to make data-backed improvements
  • Take complete control of your channel allocation

Protection | Audience Targeting Solution

Make Performance Max’s AI algorithm work for you by diverting away from sources of invalid traffic.

  • Eliminate invalid traffic volume and enhance your campaign metrics
  • Reinvest the budget reclaimed from invalid traffic for maximum impact
  • Exclude negative signals from PMax’s learning process
  • Use negative audience targeting to optimise the AI away from IVT to drive better results

Data Collection Filter

A simple site tag that ensure you comply with data privacy laws while keeping your data high quality.

TrafficGuard’s Data Collection Filter (DCF) allows businesses to filter incoming ad
referrals, blocking unwanted and unintentional visitors from having their data
retained while ensuring genuine, customers can be retargeted at a later date

Why TrafficGuard for Performance Max?

From better reporting to more transparency, here’s how we can take your Performance Max campaigns to the next level.

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Thorough reporting suite

We incorporated advanced visibility into our reporting suite, providing a comprehensive channel breakdown of spend both in aggregate and as a percentage, along with detailed conversion performance data for each channel.

Game-changing features

Proprietary features designed to improve visibility and drive down the effects of invalid traffic, including:

Data Collection Filter | Never collect, store, or track data from invalid traffic sources

Negative Audience Targeting | Divert the PMax algorithm away from sources of invalid traffic

Transparency that Google doesn’t provide

Without actionable insights, marketers can do nothing. With visibility into every click and campaign across Google’s advertising ecosystem, you can continue to leverage the largest ad network in the world, safe in the knowledge your ads are reaching the right people.

Trust and Transparency with TrafficGuard

In the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, trust and transparency aren't just words — they're our commitment. At TrafficGuard, we champion a clear and open approach to digital ad analytics.


Detailed Reporting:

Dive deep into your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads. See exactly where and how invalid traffic affects you


Beyond the Black Box:

Unlike others, we're transparent. Every ad engagement is visible, and if it's invalid, you'll know precisely why.


Customisable Prevention:

Tailor prevention measures to meet your unique needs and desired results.

Join us in our mission — a digital advertising realm where clarity reigns and trust is built.

PMax pricing

Our Enterprise pricing requires some more information before we can give you an accurate estimate. We promise this won’t take up loads of your precious time, just a few simple questions. Fill in the form and we can kick things off.

Ready to Revolutionise Your Ad Campaigns?

Take control of your digital advertising with TrafficGuard's cutting-edge solutions. Gain unparalleled insights, optimize smarter, and ensure every penny counts. Don't let invalid traffic dictate your success.

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