High Stakes for Online Betting Companies: Creating Bigger and Better Results by Addressing Invalid Traffic

June 24, 2022
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Metcalf discusses the risks being taken by online sportsbooksto create better results and higher site traffic

In a highly competitive market with limited targeting, ifyou’re a betting company, you’re likely running a digitalmarketing campaign. Google Ads, one of the largest adnetworks available, is a valuable tool for sports bettingmarketers because of its accessibility, reach and value forcompanies in the industry.

However, even when using premium ad networks likeGoogle Ads, betting companies are impacted by what’sknown as invalid traffic. This is an issue across a range ofindustries – retail, technology, hospitality – but the risk iseven higher in sports betting because of the vast amountof money involved. The global online betting market isanticipated to be valued at over $92.9bn by 2023, whichis reflected in the invalid traffic rates we see – while theinvalid click rate across all industries is 17%, it is 28%for gambling companies.

Sports betting companies running multiple high-investmentmarketing campaigns, including free bet bonuses andboosted odds, could inadvertently be investing millionsinto a channel that is filled with sources that will neverconvert into a paying customer. With a clearer understandingof where invalid traffic is coming from, and why betting companies can drive return on ad spend with greaterconversions, they just need to know where to start.

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