Invalid Traffic in the Mobile App Industry

June 26, 2023
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Want higher user acquisition with lower costs? Time to start thinking about... Invalid Traffic in the Mobile App Industry

- The total cost of ad fraud globally in 2023 is expected to reach $100 billion.

- 31% of iOS app and 25% of Android app installs are fraudulent.

- App install farms are the largest threat type in the industry.

In an era where mobile apps dominate the digital landscape, achieving higher user acquisition while keeping costs under control is the ultimate goal for app developers and marketers. However, there exists a significant challenge that often goes unnoticed but poses a substantial threat to the success of mobile apps – Invalid Traffic (IVT).

This compelling infographic delves into the world of Invalid Traffic in the mobile app industry, shedding light on its profound impact on user acquisition and cost efficiency. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of IVT and discover invaluable insights to help you overcome this pervasive obstacle.


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