Protect your PPC spend against ad fraud

June 30, 2022
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Over half of all internet traffic is generated by bots and performance advertising is plagued by attempts to steal the attribution of genuine leads. Juniper Research estimates that by 2023, the global cost of digital advertising fraud will reach $100 billion. Invalid traffic and fraud consumes your budget, leaving you with few genuine leads and poor advertising ROI.

In this webinar with Search Engine Land, you’ll learn how to verify advertising engagements and proactively block invalid traffic. Our ad fraud expert, Adam French, will also share his insights into creating better outcomes for digital advertising efforts and discuss how organisations can deploy end-to-end protection and detection capabilities to maximise ROI.

Join this webinar and learn more about:

  • Emerging digital marketing challenges caused by ad fraud
  • How marketers today can proactively block invalid traffic from infiltrating their ad campaigns


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