Sticky wicket: Why you should protect your app’s ad spend during the Indian Premier League

February 17, 2023
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229 million people tuned in to the first week of last year’s cricket season—that’s 458 million eyeballs, all taking in the big-budget advertising that takes place across all channels during major sporting events.

If you’re taking advantage of this seasonal surge in traffic by ramping up your app’s promotional efforts, gold star for you! It’s a great time to catch more attention and align your offering with your audience’s interests.

But if you’re letting your campaigns fend for themselves, and not layering on appropriate protection from ad fraud? You’re out for a duck.

Fraudsters take advantage of the high volumes of ad spend during tournaments, like the IPL, to steal a bigger portion of the advertising pie. Your app’s ad budget, user acquisition efforts, and bottom line are all at risk.

Check out our infographic to see what’s going on, and how you can prevent ad fraud affecting your marketing efforts this season.




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