Top 10 Contributors in Communications and Marketing Excellence

December 14, 2023
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Within the dynamic e27 community, a multitude of voices actively shape discussions on emerging technologies and innovation.

Here, we highlight our top 10 contributors, recognised for their expertise in marketing and communications. They focus extensively on public relations, startup growth strategies, and the evolving trends in the business ecosystem, offering diverse ideas within the community.

Chad Kinlay

As the CMO of Trafficguard, Kinlay spearheads its marketing from Australia, He has over 20 years of commercial, branding, communications, and business development experience.

“I believe that the industry, as a whole, should have a sense of optimism regarding the potential of what AI can bring to the table in terms of driving better marketing performance. There is value to be realised in automation and operational efficiencies to be gained.

But, whether it’s Google’s Performance Max or any other AI-led solutions, marketers must push for algorithmic transparency, invest in independent oversight, and not blindly trust the little black box of algorithms if they truly want to drive the best fraud-free performance.

Otherwise, whether they target PMax or any other AI-led advertising solution, bad actors will exploit your trust for their benefit, draining your marketing budgets in the process.”

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