TrafficGuard to Power RavenTrack with Affiliate Protection

October 5, 2022
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TrafficGuard Inks a Deal with RavenTrack

TrafficGuard and RavenTrack have formed a new partnership to help betting brands and advertisers spend less on affiliate marketing by avoiding fraud. To that end, TrafficGuard will leverage its full-funnel multipoint Affiliate Protection Product to analyze end-users engagement, intent and propensity. As a result, the company will provide brands with a transparent view of their advertising activities, which they can use to boost their returns.

TrafficGuard’s affiliate product is equipped with customized filters that help makes sure affiliates do not overstep operators’ terms and conditions.  As per the current deal, TrafficGuard’s solution will be integrated into RavenTrack, thus helping brands and advertisers who use their software get optimized results.

The new deal comes in response to the massive growth online gambling and sports betting has experienced. Currently, estimates believe that about a quarter of the global population likes to wager on sports in a market that may yield as much as $127 billion a year by 2025.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that many brands use to quickly grow their customer base. However, the aforementioned growth has created a very competitive market that has, unfortunately, become the home of many scammers. And it is TrafficGuard’s purpose to prevent exactly these scams. The solution is able to stop many types of invalid traffic, including anonymized traffic, cookie stuffing and domain spoofing.


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