Better performing performance advertising.

Full journey verification and fraud prevention for performance advertising.


Keep your performance data clean

Traditional performance advertising verification happens at the attribution level. We think waiting for the attribution to occur is like seeing a masked robber walk into a bank and not raising the alarm until they flee with the cash!

TrafficGuard analyses the full advertising journey to stop invalid traffic at the earliest reliable detection - not just at attribution. This means the data you rely on to optimise your advertising, stays free from invalid traffic.

Better optimisation based on data you can trust

Ensure all advertising stakeholders have access to accurate data free from invalid traffic in real-time to drive the best advertising performance. Real-time fraud prevention before attribution means misleading signals are shared with traffic sources and everyone has access to accurate data when they need it.

Customer spotlight

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“With TrafficGuard as our partner, we are better able to stay ahead of the fraudsters and exceed our clients' goals.”

Rob Crumpler,
CEO, Altrooz

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Create more effective performance marketing campaigns with TrafficGuard

Access to high-quality data is the key to creating effective performance advertising and marketing campaigns. Without this, it is impossible to create a performance-based campaign that builds on past results. TrafficGuard features industry-leading click fraud prevention, together with advanced reporting functionality.These two features combined will give you accurate, clean data on which you can base your performance marketing evaluations in the future. By eliminating as much invalid traffic as possible, you not only ensure your ad spend goes to reaching real prospects, you filter out bad data from your performance reports as well.

When you eliminate ad fraud, performance marketing becomes much simpler

Once you are able to generate reports that are based on reliable data, the process of building and refining your performance marketing campaigns will become much easier. It will, of course, still require diligence and skill but because you won’t constantly be questioning the accuracy of your ad data, you will be able to focus on implementing best practices and capitalizing on the most effective aspects of your overall strategy. If you have struggled to make performance advertising and marketing work for your organization in the past, TrafficGuard has the potential to revolutionize your online promotional activities.


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What is performance marketing?

Performance advertising and marketing is any kind of promotional activity that is focused on achieving measurable results within a specific timeframe. This is in contrast to the ‘hit-and-hope’ strategy that many companies pursue. The problem that is often encountered when trying to follow a performance-based marketing strategy is a lack of accurate data on which to base each new campaign.

How does TrafficGuard help protect performance marketing against ad fraud?

TrafficGuard verifies engagements at every step of the advertising journey, identifying and blocking invalid traffic in the process. The proactive manner in which it does this allows it to identify and exclude more sophisticated invalid traffic than previous generations of software are able to manage. Once you use it to combat ad fraud, performance marketing will become less of a dark art and a useful promotional tool.

Why is click fraud prevention software so important to performance advertising?

By eliminating invalid traffic, our software ensures that you can base future performance advertising campaigns on accurate data. Whether you are planning PPC, social media, affiliate, or app campaigns, TrafficGuard is an essential tool. For more information, download our guide for performance marketers now.