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Full journey measurement and pre-bid optimisation for programmatic advertising


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Protect your ad spend

Invalid traffic is any advertising engagement or event attributed to advertising that is not out of genuine interest. Invalid traffic consumes ad spend, pollutes data and hamstrings optimisation. Using TrafficGuard you can verify all advertising engagements - impressions, clicks, and conversions, to stop invalid traffic as early as possible.

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Better optimisation based on accurate data

When invalid traffic is skewing your campaign performance, how do you know where to invest to drive the best results? Effective optimisation relies on accurate and timely data. Because TrafficGuard verifies the full advertising journey, you always have a complete picture of performance without the influence of invalid traffic, helping you optimise and scale for the best advertising performance.

Get the complete picture

From the impression right through to conversion, make sure your ads are viewable and the traffic they generate is valid to get the best advertising performance.

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Customer spotlight

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“With TrafficGuard as our partner, we are better able to stay ahead of the fraudsters and exceed our clients' goals.”

Rob Crumpler,
CEO, Altrooz

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Protect your programmatic display advertising campaigns with TrafficGuard

Programmatic display ad campaigns are becoming increasingly popular because of the power and convenience they offer. Whereas traditional display ad campaigns involve hours of manual analysis and a lengthy decision-making process whenever changes need to be made, programmatic campaigns can be created, executed, and reconfigured in seconds by powerful software platforms designed expressly for this purpose.

However, it’s not all good news: the downside of programmatic display advertising is that because everything happens so quickly, there’s no time for human intervention. In other words, programmatic display campaigns are more vulnerable to ad fraud than almost any other type of online advertising or marketing. Fortunately, there is a solution: TrafficGuard.

TrafficGuard uses advanced monitoring and detection technology to identify invalid traffic and block it at the source. This means that your programmatic display software can base its decisions on reliable data and avoid bidding on unprofitable display ads. Refined over time by our team of experts, TrafficGuard was the first platform to offer full-funnel protection, covering all digital channels. Your PPC, affiliate, apps, and social media campaigns will all be protected by TrafficGuard’s industry-leading ad fraud prevention technology.


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What is programmatic display advertising?

It is an automated approach to display advertising. Programmatic display ad software bids on display ad space based on data collected from past performance, configurable rules, and customizable attributes. Having decided on the rules, attributes, and past performance data to use, you can leave your programmatic display software to bid on any ad space that it determines to be desirable. Because the software uses ML/AI, it learns as it goes and will become more efficient over time.

How does TrafficGuard help protect programmatic display ads against ad fraud?

TrafficGuard protects programmatic display ads by identifying and blocking invalid traffic. Without TrafficGuard, your ad buying software will be vulnerable to ad fraud and could, as a consequence, bid on ad space that it would otherwise have categorized as undesirable. Because TrafficGuard is able to identify more sophisticated ad fraud sources than other platforms, it offers an outstanding level of protection.

Why is click fraud prevention software so important to programmatic display advertising?

Without click fraud prevention, your programmatic display software's buying decisions could be based on inaccurate data. You need effective ad fraud protection to avoid spending your advertising budget on poor-quality ad space.