Employee Spotlight | Senior Product Manager: Tatiana Mezin

Shining the spotlight on Tatiana Mezin, our exceptional Senior Product Manager at TrafficGuard!

Tatiana is a Senior Product Manager at TrafficGuard. Her main responsibilities include ensuring the product we provide customers provides value and addresses their most pressing concerns, as well as providing value back to the TrafficGuard business. 

What major obstacles do you encounter in your role?

At TrafficGuard, we always have to be one step ahead of fraudsters, who are constantly thinking of new ways to illegitimately gain financial benefits by faking events that generate a financial return. This means ensuring our product can combat myriad of attack methods, including:

  • Fake clicks
  • Cookie stuffing
  • Domain spoofing 
  • Bot traffic
  • Mobile app fake installs

It’s a constant moving target and something that is a major focus for us to protect the budgets of our customers. 

In our product, you can see the detail of what’s really going on, how much invalid traffic you have, what kind of invalid threats you’re facing and how your campaigns are impacted. Therefore, it’s really important for us to also ensure that this data is presented in a way that’s really consumable, but also gives you actionable insights so that customers can take action to improve their results.

Can you illustrate a recent instance where client feedback directly influenced a pivotal enhancement in our product?

We’re currently working on a new account landing page, this is the screen that customers first see when they log into their TrafficGuard account, which is a really important screen because you want the most important information at your fingertips.

We looked at refreshing this but first wanted to understand what data and customer feedback we already had. We worked with our Product Designer to create new design concepts, we then took those design concepts and interviewed customers to get their feedback.

We really wanted to understand which elements resonated before we went into build. For example, in a previous round of interviews we learned that customers wanted to see trends, rather than absolute numbers. They wanted to be able to compare data with previous months or years. As a result, we refined the design and we swapped out less popular elements, we doubled down on the more desirable elements or expanded on them. We now have concepts being built that are of more interest to our customers.

As part of these customer interviews we also gained insights and information for our future roadmap. For example, we understand customers wanted to have a more personalised dashboard where they could swap out elements themselves and customise their own dashboard experience. 

We love getting feedback from customers and we love talking to our customers! They are a fantastic source of great information for our product team.

🚀 Join us in this video as Tatiana takes us through their journey, sharing insights into the dynamic realm of product management. Explore the dynamic role, innovative strategies, and career milestones that define their journey. Join us in celebrating the driving force behind our success!


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