How affiliate fraud is eating your ad budget, and how you can put a stop to it.

February 14, 2023
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Using affiliate advertising channels in your marketing mix? Great stuff, they can help you reach a huge number of potential customers with minimal effort from your team.

But you know who else loves affiliate platforms? Budget-breaking bots and bad guys.

That’s right, affiliate marketing channels are rife with ad fraud, with TrafficGuard research showing some of the worst offenders are delivering nearly 100% invalid traffic. That’s a big 🚩 for your ad budget, marketing metrics, and overall bottom line.

If you’re currently using affiliate marketing channels, or want to explore them but are spooked by the thought of fraud, check out our tell-all whitepaper. We’ll explain what’s going on in the murky world of third-party platforms, how it’s affecting businesses like yours, and what tools you can use to protect yourself.


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