Data privacy, security & compliance.

As proponents of trust and transparency in digital advertising, TrafficGuard takes the privacy of clients and their end users very seriously. As such, security, privacy and compliance aren’t retrofitted to TrafficGuard but ingrained into every product feature and process that it encompasses.


Hi dreaming, we’re TrafficGuard. It’s true, our platform really does:

Full identity and access control features as standard

Our clients have complete control of how their data is shared across internal and external stakeholders. Ensure that everyone has the access to the data they need, no more and no less with full access and identity control features as standard.


All data is encrypted at rest. We support strong encryption protocols between integrated solutions and client servers to keep your data secure while in transit.

Tier 1 cloud infrastructure

TrafficGuard uses tier 1 cloud infrastructure compliant with the industry’s most robust standards, keeping all data secure and protecting uptime.


Invalid traffic detection built to MRC guidelines

Compliant with privacy regulations

TrafficGuard is compliant with all relevant privacy regulations including GDPR protecting European citizens and CRPA in California.

Consent management
implemented via IAB's framework

Access to your data under GDPR

I am an end user of an app or website that uses TrafficGuard

As an EU citizen you are able to access, update or erase data held concerning you.If your relationship with TrafficGuard is via companies that use our services, all requests other than Objection to Processing requests must be submitted directly to them. TrafficGuard processes data as a service provider on behalf of those companies. That means they are responsible for authenticating your request and ensuring it is communicated to all service providers.

TrafficGuard is committed to working with our partners to honour data subject requests to the full extent required by GDPR.

I have a direct relationship with TrafficGuard

If you have a direct relationship with TrafficGuard and would like to access, update or erase information held about you, please click on "TrafficGuard Privacy Request Form".

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