Online Betting Company Cashes in Through Fight Against IVT
savings from invalid traffic in one week
clicks were invalidated by TrafficGuard
of bogus traffic came from one campaign
savings from invalid traffic in one week
clicks were invalidated by TrafficGuard

TrafficGuard Saved $115k in 7 Days for a Leading Online Betting Company

Bonus Abuse in Their Marketing Campaigns

This globally renowned online betting company was running a Google Ads campaign with a no-deposit bonus promotion to drive the acquisition of new customers. They wanted to understand the impact that invalid traffic was having on this promotion and to ensure that new customers were genuine. With this information, they could also ensure they were using and rewarding the right traffic supply partners.

How TrafficGuard helped

They enlisted the help of TrafficGuard’s market-leading ad fraud protection and verification platform. With TrafficGuard’s multipoint solution, advertisers can mitigate invalid traffic all across the consumer journey, from click to event. For this company, it was vital that they mitigated invalid traffic at the earliest possible opportunity. Pre-bid optimisation prevented invalid traffic from arriving on their site, stopping bogus redemptions of the promotion.

Winning Stats

US$115k saving in just 7 days

23% clicks invalidated, equating to 28% ad spend

71% wasted spend attributed to one campaign, with IVT coming from 103 distinct IPs

1,150 conversions from known host IPs observed during the 7 days reporting period

How We Helped

Detection of sophisticated invalid traffic

  • Within just one week of using TrafficGuard, the client found that 23% of all traffic from the campaign was invalid – predominantly generated by bots seeking to collect the bonuses.
  • Programmed bots were entering the site via paid media placements on Google Ads campaigns. TrafficGuard identified that a large proportion of this traffic was coming from a handful of IP addresses that kept returning to the site to repeat the trick until they were stopped.
  • TrafficGuard detected this bot activity at the click level and was able to exclude those bots from being served future ads.

Cost saving from the mitigation of invalid traffic

TrafficGuard was able to prevent US$65k media spend from being lost to invalid traffic, along with an additional potential loss of US$50k in bonus deposits. The advertiser saved a total of US$115k in just 7 days using TrafficGuard.

Faster campaign optimisation from real-time visibility

Armed with the information provided to them through the user-friendly TrafficGuard dashboard, the advertiser was able to analyse which keywords, placements and suppliers were delivering poor quality traffic to their site. They were able to use this information to optimise their acquisition campaign, remove invalid traffic, deliver a better return on ad spend and most importantly, increase customer value.

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