Airline Adopts TrafficGuard in Fight Against Invalid Traffic
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TrafficGuard Confronts Ad Fraud Challenges in Airline PPC Advertising

In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing within the airline industry, a formidable challenge has emerged as a focal point: the escalating expenses associated with Google Search Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. In an era where travellers rely more than ever on search engines to chart their travel paths, airlines have become embroiled in fierce competition, vying for the attention of prospective passengers. This airline, in particular, has confronted this issue head-on.

The Challenge

This airline had been made aware of the growing threat of invalid traffic and ad fraud in PPC advertising. Ad fraud and invalid traffic not only drain PPC budgets but also skew performance metrics, hindering effective decision-making and ultimately worsening key business KPIs such as CAC.

Exposure Assessment

This airline had become acutely aware of the escalating menace posed by invalid traffic and ad fraud in the realm of PPC advertising. Ad fraud and invalid traffic not only siphon PPC budgets but also distort performance metrics, impeding the ability to make informed decisions and, in turn, adversely impacting critical business KPIs such as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).


During the audit, TrafficGuard uncovered a significant revelation: approximately 17% of the clicks on the airline's Google PPC advertisements were invalid, resulting in a wastage of almost 6% of their advertising budget. A particularly pressing concern was the practice of consumers using the airline's brand name as a gateway to their website, incurring substantial financial losses. By imposing restrictions on the frequency of user clicks within the airline's PPC campaign over a 24-hour period, TrafficGuard effectively curtailed the costs associated with this user behaviour.

Furthermore, the audit also exposed multiple instances of bot traffic engaging with and clicking on the airline's PPC ads, a problem that TrafficGuard was able to mitigate through automated prevention measures.


In the competitive landscape of the airline industry, the battle against invalid traffic and ad fraud in PPC advertising is more critical than ever. By partnering with TrafficGuard, this airline successfully protected its budget and enhanced performance metrics, ultimately optimising its key business KPIs.

"We are immensely grateful for TrafficGuard's invaluable assistance in safeguarding our PPC advertising campaigns. Their expertise in identifying and combatting invalid traffic and ad fraud has not only protected our advertising budget but has also elevated the integrity of our performance metrics. With TrafficGuard's support, we've been able to make more informed decisions and optimize our key business KPIs. Their automated prevention measures have proven to be an indispensable asset, helping us steer clear of costly pitfalls in the digital marketing landscape."

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