Zain via OMD | First MENA telco to implement TrafficGuard
reduction in invalid clicks
of budget reinvested
reduction in invalid clicks
of budget reinvested

Zain KSA, first MENA telco to implement TrafficGuard

Zain KSA, the pioneering telco providing a comprehensive range of services to individual and business customers in Saudi Arabia, wanted to evaluate and stop the invalid traffic from its search campaigns to maximise their return on those ad budgets.

Operating in a highly competitive and saturated environment, Zain was already faced with a high-cost brand search environment.

OMD wanted to protect Zain KSA’s budgets and recommended TrafficGuard Performance Max Solution so they could:

1) Quantify the problem: hundreds of costly invalid PPC clicks per day

2) Identify inefficiencies and optimised traffic while minimising invalid traffic levels.

The Solution

Instead of driving repeat visitors to the Zain KSA homepage, OMD implemented a daily frequency cap to use more of the PPC budget on reaching new users. Bot traffic was also identified and stopped. OMD optimised campaigns to maximise budgets on best-performing channels, minimise invalid traffic and drive better results.

The Results

It certainly worked and more. The results far exceeded expectations:

  • Invalid clicks were cut by 27% and their cost dropped by 20%
  • All in all, Zain got a 13x ROI from preventing ad fraud.
  • $7,000 saved in one month by reducing returning users, bots and non-genuine engagement and reinjected in the campaign.
  • $6,000 saved in one month through audience and channel optimisation and reinjected in the TrafficGuard solution.

Ensuring our ad budget brings real value is critical in the competitive telecom sector. Thanks to TrafficGuard and the strategic insights from OMD Worldwide, we've been able to protect our investments and enhance our digital campaigns. By reducing invalid clicks by 27% and saving costs by 20%, we've strengthened our position in the market and achieved a solid 13x return on investment. Sara Abdullah Alsammah - Channels Management Manager Zain KSA

TrafficGuard's solutions brought us a 13x return—that speaks for itself. Not only did we curb invalid clicks and save significantly, but we also gained the confidence to expand our reach knowing our budget was protected. George Achkouty – Head of Digital Acceleration OMD MENA

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