Income | Insuring Against Invalid Traffic With TrafficGuard
of clicks were not adding value
of user conversion costs were saved
growth in unlocked budget by quarter
of clicks were not adding value
of user conversion costs were saved

TrafficGuard Empowered Insurer Income to Save Over 70% in Conversion Costs

Income Gets a Winning Outcome vs Invalid Traffic 

Income is one of the leading composite insurers in Singapore. Established in 1970, it is one of the largest and most trusted insurance providers in the country, serving the insurance and financial needs of individuals, families and businesses. 

Keen to ensure it was getting the most out of every marketing dollar, Income turned to TrafficGuard to understand more about invalid traffic, and how it could be impacting its marketing efforts.

Adopting a New Fraud Protection Policy

Income’s goal was to identify and eliminate fraudulent clicks, impressions, and other activities that might have resulted in wasted ad spend and hindered their campaign performance.

TrafficGuard assessed the quality of Income’s PPC media traffic. Although Income was not getting a lot of non-human traffic from bots, it was getting a high volume of non-incremental traffic. We found abnormal levels of ad engagement from a single user repeatedly clicking on its search ads rather than using organic search results to reach the website. 

Our audit found that 4.7% of clicks were not adding value to Income’s campaigns. We even identified one user that clicked 10 times on PPC ads in just a few hours! This activity adds no incremental value and inflates Income’s customer acquisition cost.  

Using customisable validation rules and unparalleled click level data, Income was able to determine the optimal clicks per device, set thresholds for unique users visits in a set time period and automate prevention to drive efficiency in its campaigns.

The Results

  • Income now avoids 5% wastage a year through preventable invalid traffic
  • Income’s savings in terms of Unblocked Budget, saved from invalid traffic, is growing each quarter by as much as 99%
  • It has improved its conversion rate from 10% during detection to 20% post-prevention
  • TrafficGuard has helped Income save over 70% of user conversion costs by limiting the frequency of returning users navigating via paid placements

The Confidence To Move Forward

With TrafficGuard’s preventative measures, invalid traffic has now decreased and Income has the opportunity to acquire customers from cleaner sources of traffic. Income’s budget can be better allocated and bring bigger and better returns for the insurer.  

While conversion rates are growing (up from 10% during the detection phase to 20% after the prevention stage), the Invalid Cost Rate has decreased from 7.52% to under 5% in just a few months. 

Income can now invest with the confidence that their budget is being spent efficiently and effectively. Now able to focus on reaching real, genuine customers, Income can boost its ROI and drive growth for its suite of insurance products. 

TrafficGuard helps us to detect and prevent digital ad fraud in real-time by automatically blocking invalid traffic coming to our website. We've experienced a remarkable decrease in fraudulent traffic, allowing us to focus our advertising budget on genuine traffic and reduce media wastage which in return is helping us to maximise our ad performance and increase our ROAS. Gary Foo, Lead - Growth Acquisition, Digital Business at Income

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