Game changing digital ad fraud protection

The only solution blocking fraud before it hits your digital advertising budget.

Over 4 billion fraudulent transactions blocked and counting.

“Rappi’s growth trajectory is crazy. We use every traffic source we can to fuel our user acquisition growth. To help achieve this scale without falling victim to ad fraud, we needed to enlist a real-time ad fraud prevention specialist. TrafficGuard is that specialist and I’m really happy with the result.” 

Gabriel Sampaio

Growth Lead -Digital Channel


How TrafficGuard Works

The only fraud prevention solution offering protection across three levels – at the impression, click, and event levels.

Impression Level

TrafficGuard’s sophisticated fraud detection starts at the impression level where it monitors traffic for signs of fraud and collects data to enable the earliest reliable fraud mitigation.

Click Level

TrafficGuard blocks fraudulent and invalid clicks in real time based on a wide variety of indicators available at the click and impression. Ad stacking and bot traffic are just a couple of fraud tactics TrafficGuard blocks at the click.

Event Level

For post-click conversions such as installs (CPI), sales (CPS), leads (CPL) etc, event data provides another opportunity to validate traffic. Validation of traffic in advance of attribution helps ensure consistency in valid traffic volumes between advertisers, supply sources and intermediaries.

Always Learning

Each level creates a cumulative data loop, strengthening TrafficGuard’s machine learning algorithms.

Engagement from the audience you want

Make sure your advertising results in genuine advertising engagement. As well as blocking non-human traffic and fraud, TrafficGuard can also filter traffic that doesn’t meet your targeting criteria.

This ensures you only pay for advertising when it delivers you the audience you want.

Audience Verifcation

Sophisticated fraud protection

TrafficGuard preemptively blocks digital advertising fraud so you can:

Spend less time interpreting reports

Spend less time interpreting reports

TrafficGuard has been designed to mitigate fraud and IVT in real-time. Spend less time reconciling invoices and trying to understand complex fraud reports, more time driving growth and optimising performance.

Optimise campaigns fast, with confidence

Optimise campaigns fast, with confidence

Fraud waits for no one, which is why reporting alone is not good enough. Blocking fraud in real-time means advertising campaigns are optimised in real-time, fuelling ROI. Clean performance data gives you the confidence to make optimisation decisions that drive campaign success.

Protect against known and unknown fraud tactics

Protect against known and unknown fraud tactics

Ad fraud is constantly mutating to avoid detection. TrafficGuard, and the boffins that train it, utilise machine learning fueled by big data to find and validate new fraud tactics as they emerge.

Detection, mitigation and reporting in one simple tool

No complex integrations, no high latency API calls. TrafficGuard provides comprehensive digital ad fraud detection, mitigation and reporting in one tool.

Transparent and granular reporting

TrafficGuard for Agencies is designed to safeguard multiple clients. Manage all your clients and campaigns, onboard new partners, and monitor performance from a single portal.

Each client and partner has access to dedicated and consistent reporting available through their own dashboard. Transactional level detail can be exported giving you and your partners complete control and transparency.


Manage all your campaigns and supply sources via one user-friendly portal.

TrafficGuard is your single source of truth, with reliable and consistent reporting between you, the advertiser, and each of your supply sources who access reporting on their own traffic. Dedicated dashboards give you and your partners complete control and transparency.

TrafficGuard Portal

Integration with TrafficGuard

TrafficGuard is integrated with all major mobile measurement platforms.

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  • The industry’s only triple layered fraud prevention
  • Detection, mitigation and reporting in one simple tool
  • Real-time blocking for clean data and swift optimisation
  • Comprehensive reporting provides a single source of truth for advertisers, traffic partners, agencies and ad networks

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