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TrafficGuard's real-time fraud prevention keeps your traffic clean,
increases reach, and drives return on ad spend

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Sophisticated fraud protection that makes sure your advertising results in genuine advertising engagement.

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What happens when you start using TrafficGuard?

  • You save time

    Spend less time reconciling invoices and interpreting reports, and more time driving growth.

  • Your ROAS increases

    Clean performance data gives you the confidence to make optimisation decisions that drive success.

  • You protect ad spend

    Machine learning drives protection against known and unknown fraud tactics at multiple levels.

Real time fraud prevention

Save time and improve ROAS

Automated fraud prevention removes the burden of manual analysis and score interpretations saving time and speeding up optimisation. With clean performance data, you can make fast optimisation decisions and scale activity to improve your return on ad spend and drive success.

Transparent reporting

Say goodbye to blackbox fraud tools

Get a clear understanding of why transactions are invalidated and which sources delivered them. No more risk scores, ambiguous data or sharing spreadsheets. With dedicated dashboards, traffic sources and agencies can access the same accurate data for optimisation and billing.

Machine Learning

Protect against known & unknown fraud tactics

Ad fraud is constantly mutating to avoid detection. TrafficGuard relies on thousands of data points collected at multiple stages in the advertising journey to remove ad fraud with surgical precision.

TrafficGuard Success Story

Super-app, Rappi’s mission to fight ad fraud and drive growth

With aggressive growth targets, Rappi needed both protection and scale. Rappi’s advertising ROI increased 25% and recognised a 30% time saving with TrafficGuard’s automated fraud protection.

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Game changing digital ad fraud protection.

Our solutions rely on thousands of data points collected at multiple stages to remove ad fraud with surgical precision.

  • Performance ad fraud protection

    Layered ad fraud prevention for monitoring impressions, clicks and events (including app installs).

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  • PPC fraud protection

    Protection of Google Ads campaigns from bot traffic, click fraud and competitors that drain ad spend.

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  • Impression protection

    Make sure your ads are viewable, by real people with the highest likelihood of converting later in the advertising journey.

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