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of ad budget was lost to invalid clicks
of invalid traffic was due to multiple clicks
of invalid clicks were from bots
of ad budget was lost to invalid clicks
of invalid traffic was due to multiple clicks

TrafficGuard Saved Alison 8.7% and Increased Conversions by 15.4%

Founded in 2007, Ireland-based Alison is one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training with a passion for providing an immersive learning experience to help customers reach their full potential. The online education provider combines innovation, technology, and the knowledge of experts worldwide to deliver universal access to free education.

With the move to remote work and the expanding opportunities to learn online, Alison was successfully generating revenue from the online courses it provided. It was using the Google platform AdSense to capture an increased target audience, but was keen to make sure its investment into its marketing was producing the quality of results it was after. As a result, Alison reached out to TrafficGuard to help unlock their budget via invalid traffic prevention.

Optimising Google AdSense

Alison was providing a valuable learning experience for its students and taking advantage of an increasingly remote target audience by investing in AdSense. However, it wanted to make every penny count, and understood there was an opportunity to improve its advertising performance by preventing invalid traffic. Alison knew there were a growing number of potential online students for it to help – it just needed to make sure they were being reached.

Alison needed a way to understand the quality of the traffic within the internal analytics Google provided.  It was looking for an all-in-one solution to help optimise its advertising and reduce the amount it was paying out to invalid traffic. That’s where TrafficGuard came in.

TrafficGuard found:

  • 8.7% of the total Google Ads budget was lost to invalid clicks
  • 56% of the invalid clicks were caused by two or more duplicate clicks on the same impression
  • 26% of the invalid clicks were due to bots generating clicks on its ads

Overall, when comparing invalid traffic to valid traffic during the audit process, 16.5% of clicks were invalid, significantly higher than the global benchmark of 10%. TrafficGuard also identified that Alison could see its conversion rate increase by 15.4%, based on replacing the budget spent on invalid clicks.

Competing for Conversions

Alison wanted the best chance at capturing its audience. To ensure its budget was directed to valuable sources only, TrafficGuard leveraged its platform to proactively prevent invalid traffic. The platform provided Alison with the visibility, data and insights it required to understand the impact of invalid traffic and optimise its advertising performance.

TrafficGuard’s prevention and protection capabilities provided Alison with:

A preventative approach – Operating in real-time across AdSense, TrafficGuard targeted invalid traffic before it impacted Alison’s ad budget. ​

Actionable insights – Verified data through a dedicated dashboard and quarterly reports gave Alison confidence in its traffic quality.

An increase in value – Alison had more budget to reinvest into its marketing and target legitimate audiences with.

TrafficGuard’s innovative machine learning algorithms analysed Alison’s traffic and determined its validity in real-time, meaning its marketing team could increase their return on investment (ROI) almost instantaneously and with greater confidence. Our PPC Protection ensured we could prevent the invalid traffic and malicious bots that were draining Alison's AdSense budget.

Pin-Point Accuracy and Boosted Budget

Alison was looking for a solution and fraud prevention partner that would protect its budget and understand the industry specifics. TrafficGuard’s PPC Protection enabled Alison to invest its time and resources into generating leads, accessing more advertising budget, and protecting the integrity of the data used for optimisation.

Alison can now effectively measure its marketing results and make decisions on which sources should be allocated increased budget more accurately. With TrafficGuard, Alison has a process to enable it to increase ROI, make advertising more efficient, and have more confidence in its analytics.

“The value in TrafficGuard is that it has not only unlocked budget using the quarterly reports, but has actually increased the commission payments that would usually be deducted due to invalid traffic. Being a verified Google partner, we knew we had found a solution we could rely on and the impact on our Google Ads budget has been remarkable.” Wijbren van Tuinen, PPC Marketing Manager

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