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TrafficGuard’s PPC protection helps businesses of all sizes protect their Google Ads campaigns from bot traffic and competitor clicks. As a TrafficGuard Sales Partner you earn an awesome recurring commission while building your reputation and expanding the value you deliver to your audience.

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Why your audience will love TrafficGuard

TrafficGuard makes it super easy to protect Google Ads from ad fraud. Digital advertising fraud is set to cost businesses globally $100 billion by 2023. Using TrafficGuard’s automated PPC Protection, businesses of all sizes can protect their Google Ads budgets with ease.

Why join TrafficGuard's referral program?

Hi dreaming, we’re TrafficGuard. It’s true, our platform really does:

Great commission

Get a lifetime recurring commission of 20% on TrafficGuard PPC Protection sales from your leads.

Deliver value

Build your reputation and help your audience overcome their ad fraud challenges by recommending TrafficGuard PPC protection.

Sales support

We are proud to have a product, customer service, and marketing resources to help you achieve success as a sales partner.

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