It’s Not just Concert Tickets – Bad Bots are Hurting the Travel Industry too

July 24, 2023
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Bad bots have been making headlines recently for the role they played in derailing online ticket sales for Taylor Swift’s world tour – with Singapore being the most recent casualty of bot-enabled unethical practices like ticket scalping.

But it’s not just concert tickets – bad bots have been a significant thorn in the side of online businesses for decades now, evolving and adapting with emerging technologies to pose significant challenges in areas including cybersecurity, user experience and advertising revenue. Ad fraud in particular is costing businesses billions in losses, with the APAC region alone slated to lose US$56 billion to invalid bot traffic – an amount that is subject to increase, due to the return of travel in the region.

After years of movement restrictions, the travel and tourism industry across APAC is expected to make a recovery to pre-pandemic levels this year. Southeast Asian markets like Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia are already experiencing a surge in travel bookings. But unfortunately, as the appetite for travel increases, so does the incidence of ad fraudsters armed with bad bots to exploit unprotected businesses.

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