Winni's Breakthrough Using TrafficGuard's Solutions
bot traffic reduction in one month
non-incremental engagement reduction in one month
of ad budget was reinvested
bot traffic reduction in one month
non-incremental engagement reduction in one month

How Winni Reduced Bot Traffic by 62.5% and Doubled ROI in 30 Days

Highlights Include:

  • Bot traffic was reduced by 62.5% in the first month
  • Non-genuine engagement was eradicated completely
  • Non-incremental engagement dropped by almost 70% in the initial month
  • Incremental conversion opportunities increased by approximately 200 in just two weeks
  • ROI doubled the investment spent on TrafficGuard within the first 30 days

TrafficGuard Protecting PPC Campaigns From Bots and Non-Incremental Traffic

Winni is India's premier gifting portal, dedicated to spreading joy and smiles through thoughtful gifts on various occasions. Winni's impeccable delivery service beautifully conveys heartfelt emotions to loved ones nationwide by offering various gifts, including flowers, cakes, personalised items, and hampers. The platform aims to make every celebration unforgettable by offering a curated collection that expresses genuine emotions.

Focusing on enhancing ROI, Winni enlisted TrafficGuard to optimise PPC campaigns, maximising value from repeat visitors while reducing costs. Winni saw that not only were they paying for visitors to their site (via Google PPC) who already had high brand awareness, but they were also paying for indecisive users who flicked between their site and other competing sites.

  • High PPC Costs - Due to the popularity of gifting services in India, PPC keyword costs can be high.
  • Non-Incremental Traffic - They observed visitors with high brand awareness but who did not contribute to increased value.
  • Indecisive Users - Visitors who were uncertain and compared choices across different platforms.

TrafficGuard identified that most of the invalid traffic and ad fraud came from returning users who were not adding incremental value. On top of that, there was also a high level of bot traffic. For instance, TrafficGuard detected one device that clicked on Winni’s Google PPC ads 139 times in one hour. Given that each click on PPC ads could cost up to $10, it was crucial to restrict the number of times users could click on them. With the help of TrafficGuard, these users will instead arrive at the website via organic search listings. 

The Solution

TrafficGuard's solution brought several key features into play:

Full-funnel analysis

TrafficGuard utilised full-funnel analysis, identifying clicks, page views, and conversions to identify users not adding incremental value. This approach guaranteed maximum efficiency by targeting users who generated tangible business results.

Invalid traffic prevention

After implementing TrafficGuard's prevention, invalid traffic decreased by 76% immediately. This reduction allowed them to reinvest ₹107k from the unlocked budget towards genuine users who can deliver concrete business results. These outcomes include a reduced customer acquisition cost (CAC) and an increased average revenue per user (ARPU).

Threat mitigation

In the first month of prevention, all three threat categories experienced a substantial decrease. Bot traffic was reduced by over half (62.5%), eliminating non-genuine users and reducing non-incremental engagement by nearly 70%.

Further management of the last threat is achievable through TrafficGuard's custom mitigation tools, which rely on the seasonal patterns in their users' click behaviour.

Custom validation

TrafficGuard’s validation rules work seamlessly with legacy marketing tools like Google Ads to provide flexibility in CPA reduction efforts and to complement Winni’s same-day delivery business model. 

Unexpected Benefits

Beyond the anticipated results, Winni also benefited from improved campaign efficiency and higher-quality traffic. The granular analysis provided by TrafficGuard allowed them to tailor mitigation strategies to seasonal user behaviour, enhancing the overall user experience.

“With a resolute commitment to proactively tackling fraudulent activities and manage invalid traffic, Winni, India's premier gifting portal, partnered strategically with TrafficGuard to optimise their digital advertising strategies. Winni's dedication to safeguarding its operations stood out despite the challenges of a competitive landscape and high PPC costs. Recognising the importance of addressing this issue directly, they partnered with TrafficGuard to ensure the efficient utilisation of their resources. This dedication to thwarting threats and enhancing the user experience underscores Winni's proactive approach to digital success.”

Chad Kinlay, Chief Marketing Officer, TrafficGuard

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