How to Reduce CAC across your brand search campaigns

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Use TrafficGuard’s verification rules to optimise your campaigns further than prevention mode only, with our click frequency rules you are able to dictate how many times a user clicks on your ads, this can be set at the account and campaign level.

Tired of lazy clickers repeatedly clicking your ads to visit your site? Us too, Let TrafficGuard's verification rules give you full control of your click frequency! Crazy Right…

With our click frequency rules, you'll be able to bots your ads around and set the number of clicks per user. Whether you want to be strict or lenient, you can do it at both the account and campaign level. Stop playing it safe and start dominating with TrafficGuard!"

This article and video explain how you can use these rules across your google ads brand campaign.

Today we will discuss using TrafficGuard’s verification rules to prevent users from repeatedly clicking on your brand campaign ads and wasting ad budget which should be used on driving new user acquisition.

Combining TrafficGuard’s rules with some simple google ads campaign duplication, you are able to reduce CAC whilst still being visible in the SERP.

The Reasoning

Not all customers using TrafficGuard’s click frequency rules want to be removed from the auction and not show any ads after the click frequency rule has been triggered.

The reasoning behind this particular rule setup is to ensure you are still in the SERP and/or if you are not entirely comfortable with your organic ranking being able to pick up the slack if TrafficGuard was to block a user from seeing your brand campaign ads completely after a certain amount of clicks, TrafficGuard’s verification rules (built on customer demand) have the power to block a user from seeing any of your ads after they hit the set threshold.

The majority of users who repeatedly click on your brand campaign ads to visit your site are using your ads as a front door to your site and are spending crucial dollars which could be used on driving new user acquisition across other campaigns in your google ads account.

Using TrafficGuard’s rules whilst duplicating your brand campaigns in Google Ads allows you to reduce CAC and unlock budget from your brand campaigns which can be re-invested into users further up the funnel.

Save budget and reduce CAC! Whats not to love :-)

The Ingredients Needed

To do this you are going to need 2 things;

  • An active TrafficGuard account in prevention mode
  • An active google ads account

For the sake of this article, we will say your Avg.CPC is $5.00 across your current brand campaign and we will name your current Brand campaign, Brand Campaign 1. We will also use the click frequency threshold as 3 for this example.

  1. The first thing you are going to want to do is to duplicate your current Brand campaign in Google ads and set the duplicate campaign ‘Brand Campaign 2’ CPC to $2.00
  2. In Your TrafficGuard account, you are going to navigate to Settings > Verification Rules and select the Click frequency rule - Set Click Frequency to 3 - Set time to 24 hours - Apply to Brand Campaign 1 - Click Save

Now that this rule is live, this means that any user who clicks on any ad within ‘Brand Campaign 1’ more than 3 times ($15) within 24 hours will be removed from the auction and their IP address will be added to our dynamic exclusion list for ‘Brand campaign 1’ for a select period of time. (1-day)

Which then means if that same user was to search again (4th time) they would not see an ad from ‘Brand Campaign 1’ they would be filtered to see an ad from ‘Brand Campaign 2’ which has a lower CPC (-$3.00) because of the Click Frequency rule which was set, as you can imagine over the course of 3, 6, 12 months the number of saved dollars is within the tens of thousands due to TrafficGuard’s rule filtering users through to Brand Campaign 2.

Pro Tip - Some of our clients use googles insights to find out what the first and third position bids are, this way they can always still be in the top 3 positions, even when TrafficGuard blocks a user from seeing ads from the original Brand campaign.

Unlocked Budget From Click Frequency Rules Explained

Based on internal data, we can see around 5% of users click more than 3 times per day across clients campaigns.

For example, lets assume you have  50,000 clicks on average per month across your brand campaign at $5.00 CPC, this would calculate to $750,000 per quarter. Based on that 5% clicking 6 times per day, without a click rule threshold in place this would equate to $3,000,000 per annum, with TrafficGuard’s click threshold set to 3, that 5% delta would now equal to $2,910,000 per annum. Which would give you a unlocked budget of $90,000 per annum which wouldn’t only improve ROAS, but allow you to re-invest in acquiring users further up the funnel.

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