The Best Sports Betting Marketers to Follow Right Now

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Presenting the ultimate lineup of the top sports betting marketers shaking up the industry.

When it comes to devising sports betting advertising campaigns, there’s no such thing as luck of the draw. Considered strategies are needed to craft winning campaigns that score big with audiences. With the rocketing rise of online betting platforms, marketing has become the MVP of the game. These marketing maestros know how to hit the sweet spot, rallying fans, and turning them into loyal bettors.

From social media specialists to ad wizards, we're spotlighting standout individuals who are revolutionising the way we play the marketing game in sports betting. Whether they're calling the shots from the sidelines or making power plays in the boardroom, these pros bring a winning playbook and a ton of experience to the table.

Come meet the heavy hitters of sports betting marketing…

The top sports betting marketers, chosen by TrafficGuard

1. Nasif K Balinda, Head of Marketing at Buffalo Slots

Nasif Balinda shares his years of experience on Linkedin in the form of hugely helpful articles for sports betting marketers. From his insightful comparisons of sports betting campaigns to product marketing to taking it back to basics with sports betting marketing objectives.

Head of Marketing for Buffalo Slots, Nasif is driving sports betting and iGaming in Uganda, sharing his expert insights and encouraging marketers to expand their knowledge. Follow him on Linkedin and join in the conversation.

2. Rosa Ochoa, Director Mexico and Latin America at SCCG Management 

Rosa Ochoa is the one to follow if you’re interested in the growth of Latin America’s sports betting market. As Director of the region for SCCG Management, Rosa frequently shares her expertise in trending topics such as increased betting in women’s soccer and the importance of payment platforms for online casinos in Latin America.

With more than 20 years of experience in the gaming, lottery, casino and eSports sectors, Rosa brings her wealth of knowledge to the issues facing the future of sports betting. You can follow her on Linkedin.

3. Todd Ballard, Founder at ALT Sports Data

Todd Ballard is founder of ALT Sports Data, a data provider that focuses on the fastest growing alternative sports, mainly action sports, endurance sports, motorsports and outdoor/adventure sports.

Todd shares exciting insights from the world of alternative sports—did you know that the state of Colorado wagered $60 million on ping pong in 2020? You can also find him discussing high-level topics such as the revenue sporting leagues can expect from sports betting, and details on the sporting leagues taking steps to up their betting potential, like the World Surf League.

Marketers who want to stay ahead of the competition and be aware of the next big thing in sports betting should definitely give Todd a follow on Linkedin.

4. Jacqueline Favraud, Legal and regulatory for iGaming LatAm at Zimpler 

If you want to join a thriving community of sports betting marketers in LatAm, you should start with Jacqueline Favraud. Jacqueline operates a Whatsapp group for sports betting marketers to discuss legal frameworks in LatAm countries, and is always providing commentary on big industry news like Brazil’s latest legal changes.

If you want to be the first to hear about LatAm’s growing sports betting market, you need to follow Jacqueline.

5. Vishakha Soni, Business Development Executive at iGuru Software Service 

If you’re keen to explore the tech behind building great sports betting businesses, Vishakha Soni is the one to follow. Through her weekly newsletter, Vishakha delivers value around topics such as sportsbook software market analysis and the rise of eSports.

Follow Vishakha Soni on Linkedin and subscribe to her newsletter to glean her expert technical view in the industry’s trending topics. 

6. Brent Dolan, Managing Director at Racing and Sports Pty Ltd 

If experience is what you’re after you’ll want to follow Brent Dolan, a true industry expert who has worked in the sports betting sector since 1987. Starting as a Course Manager, Brent has held many senior positions in sportsbooks, from operations to content, and is now a standard feature on the events scene. 

If you want commentary on important industry news, acquisitions and partnerships specific to the horse racing sector, follow Brent on Linkedin.

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