Huge Savings from Automated PPC Fraud Prevention
of traffic was invalid
24 X
ROI improvement with TrafficGuard
reduction in conversion cost with TrafficGuard
of traffic was invalid
24 X
ROI improvement with TrafficGuard

TrafficGuard Helped an Online Marketplace Achieve a Revolutionising 24X ROI

A Manual Approach to Clearing Invalid Traffic

An online marketplace was running $40k in Google Ads every month across multiple Google Ads accounts. The ad ops team would attempt to deal with invalid traffic by analysing placement reporting and manually updating exclusion lists across their Google Ads accounts and properties. This approach was neither fast nor comprehensive enough to offer adequate protection against ad fraud and invalid traffic.

How TrafficGuard Helped

With TrafficGuard’s automated PPC fraud prevention, traffic is now protected in real-time rather than waiting for human analysis and manual exclusion management. This frees up the team’s time while also giving their Google Ads campaigns more thorough coverage.

Winning Results

  • TrafficGuard identified 135% more invalid traffic than Google identified, representing a cost-saving of $3k+
  • Invalid traffic sources were forecast to generate a further $7k in invalid traffic in the same month if left unabated
  • Invalid traffic stood to waste 25% of this client’s monthly ad spend
  • Removal of invalid traffic resulted in 12% reduction of cost per conversion
  • Conversion rate improved by 8% as low-quality traffic was removed
  • 24x ROI – just based on mitigated IVT

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