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Helping every business get the clarity they need to unlock the best advertising performance.



The appeal of digital advertising is that you can show your ads to your target audience and pay only when they engage with them. At least, that is how it is supposed to be. Today, over half of all internet traffic is generated by bots. And from the ads served to and clicked by real people, many are not genuinely engaging with the advertising.

This faux engagement not only consumes your ad spend, but also muddies your data - the very data you use to drive improvements in all of your advertising and marketing efforts.

At TrafficGuard, we believe the best advertising performance comes from decisions based on accurate data. With complete trust and confidence in the data you use to drive performance, you can act faster and be bolder to get the best results.

We also believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for this fake, phony, non-genuine engagement. No matter where in the digital world you are advertising or how big or small your budget is.

By verifying traffic and protecting budgets, we help businesses get the clarity they need to unlock the best advertising results.

The trophy cabinet

Martech Breakthrough Awards

Best PPC OptimisationTool 2020

EMMA 2020

Most Effective Anti-FraudSolution 2020

Juniper Recearch Award

Best Anti-fraud Solution
in Advertising 2020

Finnancial Review Boss

Most innovativeCompanies 2020

SourceForge Top Performer

SourceForge Top Performer

Global digital excellence award 2022

Best Platform TechnologyTrafficGuard – PPC Protection

Global digital excellence award

Software Innovation AwardTrafficGuard – PPC Protection


Leader SourceforgeWinter 2023

APAC search award

APAC Search Award Winners2023

Data privacy

As proponents of trust and transparency in digital advertising, TrafficGuard takes the privacy of clients and their end users very seriously. As such, security, privacy and compliance aren’t retrofitted to TrafficGuard but ingrained into every product feature and process that it encompasses.

Find out more about privacy, security and compliance at TrafficGuard

partner network

TrafficGuard works with a variety of partners to make it easy for our clients to access our award winning solutions to verify and prevent invalid traffic wherever they are advertising.


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TrafficGuard provides the technology and data to enable advertisers to maximise efficiency and growth. We are always on the lookout for talented, creative individuals, particularly those with a passion for problem solving, data and with a growth mindset. Come and join our rapidly growing team.


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