Ad fraud: How Digital Marketers are Combating the Billion-dollar Menace

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What are the future additions in business development in terms of digital media?

Given the rapid pace of technological developments, the future of media is shifting to digital advances for entertainment, news, and business, resulting in enormous economic potential. And if we talk about TrafficGuard's business development strategy, we are focusing on improving team management across both domestic and international geographies by driving omnichannel point solutions, social ad fraud extension capabilities, and self-serve for small-medium organizations.

TrafficGuard is quickly becoming the preferred measuring and verification solution for corporations and SMEs worldwide. We are currently in rapid expansion mode, complementing and driving the product's vision ahead - particularly towards SMEs, who are bad actors and the hardest hit by ad fraud. We are also enthusiastic about the next additions and look forward to expanding our product offering by assisting brands in reaching their full market potential.

What motivates you to win the award for digital ad verification and fraud prevention platform, and what are the strategies you have used to be successful?

TrafficGuard has grown dramatically as a result of its customer-centric approach and a drive to raise awareness among marketers. However, with the rise of new-age bots, various fraudulent activities have emerged, with ad fraud being one of them. To combat these issues, the dedicated team of engineers and data scientists of TrafficGuard has made significant efforts to develop PPC protection, providing customers with an unprecedented level of safety. We have gained significant momentum from our clients by protecting them from fraud, which has helped us achieve numerous accolades and recognition. Our motivation to win awards stems from our successful case studies and results, as well as our collaboration with prestigious brands. In fact, winning awards not only helps us build credibility but also demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with high-quality services.

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