Bad Bots Can Cause All Kinds of Harm Online. Here's How to Protect Yourself

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In the month of April alone, an artificially-generated Drake song went viral on TikTok, an artificial intelligence (AI) image won a global photography prize, and Singaporeans were bombarded with false WhatsApp claims of a new deadly Covid-19 outbreak.

In a world of social media, instant messaging and online virality, Singaporeans have unfettered access to information that can be consumed and shared in a matter of seconds.

But this world also comes with scams, fake accounts and AI-created internet bots. And these now pose a dangerous threat in spreading misinformation and propaganda.

Just as an AI image can convincingly appear as photographic art, internet scammers can manipulate young Singaporeans into sharing fake news, their data and their money.

Indeed Millennials and Generation Z were found to encompass over half of Singaporean scam victims last year. And only recently, it was reported that 137 people collectively lost S$170,000 to fake concert ticket scams.

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