#EmpoweredWomen2023: Patricia Freijo on Being an Empowered Woman Leader in Adtech

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Patricia Freijo, the vice president of customer growth at adtech platform TrafficGuard, bags an award as one of the winners of ‘Empowered Women in Tech’. MARKETECH APAC’s Empowered Women Awards 2023 is an inaugural awarding exercise by the digital media to recognise outstanding women marketing leaders in the industry.

Prior to joining TrafficGuard, Patricia has worked with tech brands Dataxu and Foursquare. She has a wealth of experience in sales and business development, having expanded revenue, created strategic partnerships, and implemented new marketing technology across multiple regions such as the US, SEA, and AU.

Protecting the ad industry from fraudulent acts

The often rigid and sometimes hard-hitting world of tech is not particularly seen as an area where women can thrive, but Patricia, as an empowered leader in the industry is defying all odds.

As the vice president of customer growth for the APAC region at ad fraud prevention platform Trafficguard, she drives commercial growth and leads the team in positioning the company as the leading fraud prevention solution provider in the area.

Becoming synonymous with Patricia’s name is creativity where she carries with her a track record of developing creative solutions that drive results. At the company, she has expanded its customer base and established partnerships to increase revenue.

One of her notable accomplishments is managing the commercial partnership between TrafficGuard and Google Cloud across APAC. She has co-pitched TrafficGuard’s solutions to regional brands using Google Cloud and conducted an invalid traffic workshop for regional marketers at Google’s HQ in Singapore.

A growth-centric approach to leadership

Patricia as a leader puts a premium on a growth mindset. This is evident even with herself where within her role, elevation had not been far-fetched, immediately expanding to include regional efforts in EMEA and ANZ on top of SEA.

She takes a growth-centric approach to her work and consistently expands her market knowledge to stay updated with industry trends, making her a mentor and go-to person for her team. Patricia is highly engaged with the team and lives by the principle of leading by example, willing to work alongside her members to achieve shared goals.

Collaboration is, nonetheless, at the heart of what Patricia values in leadership. She makes sure to build a positive work environment and leads the charge in unifying the team in product, data, and customer success areas to truly sustain a diverse range of team capabilities.

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