How Ad Fraud Came for the Apps

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Digital advertising is one of the marketing industry’s most endemic – and costly – problems, with fraudsters predicted to steal over US$100 billion in 2023

While previously a product of poorly orchestrated programmatic display campaigns, ad fraud today is plaguing every frontier of the digital marketing ecosystem.

Now mobile applications have become the latest lucrative target for digital fraudsters.Last year, the rate of app installations by non-human users worldwide in 2021 was said to be around 7 per cent for Apple iOS apps and 12 per cent for those on Android devices.

Indeed, the iOS ecosystem was found to have a whopping 20 per cent post-attribution fraud rate, leading Apple to deactivate around 170 million fraudulent customer accounts last year.

So why is ad fraud so prevalent within the mobile ecosystem? And what can marketers do to prevent further loss of advertising dollars?

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