How to Beat the Bots in Three Steps

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It’s less than two months until Asia Pacific’s biggest shopping season begins, but consumers are not the only ones counting down. As the holy trinity of shopping festivals – Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday – deliver a dramatic upsurge in online traffic, cybercriminals are gearing up for their own windfall in the form of advertising fraud. Like any seasonal holiday, retailers and e-commerce sites will naturally ramp up their digital advertising efforts, a gold mine for fraudsters intending to sabotage these campaigns for financial gain.

For unwitting retailers pouring millions of dollars into digital advertising,  ad fraud is a problem that is bigger – and more costly than most are aware of. Today, digital ad fraud in APAC is estimated to cost $17 million per day, a figure that will only rise during the height of November’s shopping spree. There are three key ways to prevent and minimize the effects of ad fraud. However, first, retailers and digital marketers need to understand the causes and effects of ad fraud; who the criminals are, and what their tactics are.

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