TrafficGuard Extends Ad Protection to Facebook Ads with latest product offering “TrafficGuard Social”

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SEA, 6th September, 2022 –  Leading digital ad verification and fraud prevention platform, TrafficGuard, today announced a launch of their newest product, TrafficGuard Social, aimed at helping brands and advertisers to maximise their returns on ad spend on their Facebook Ad campaigns with invalid traffic and ad fraud prevention. TrafficGuard is an omnichannel ad verification platform helping enterprises and SMBs combat fraud across Google PPC, Mobile app user acquisition campaigns, Affiliate platforms and now - social media.

With a whopping US$2.9 Billion spent globally on Facebook advertising, and its ad revenue hitting $115 billion in 2021 alone,  it is a clear indication that the social media giant is one of the world’s most lucrative advertising platforms. However, according to data from Facebook, at least 1.5 Billion accounts are removed on a quarterly basis deemed to be fraudulent in nature. Additionally, bots, click farms, competitor clicking, and false engagement are just some of the common examples of invalid traffic (IVT) on various social media platforms today. The rollout of TrafficGuard Social will give advertisers and marketers the opportunity to eliminate IVT from their campaigns and in turn, enable them to receive better ROAs.

“The launch of TrafficGuard Social comes at a time where invalid traffic is at an all time high. In 2022, while the total amount of ad spend is projected to reach over US$173 billion, the total cost of IVT has already amounted to USS$81 billion. Additionally, the APAC region in particular is slated to lose US$75 billion alone this year to IVT. The rise of social commerce, especially in the Southeast Asian region, has led companies to make big investments on social media ads. On the other hand, the increased ad spend has made it very enticing for fraudsters to get a slice of the budgets. While monetary loss is one aspect, the damage done to businesses is another. IVT will never deliver positive business outcomes – It will pollute your key marketing metrics and data, skew your website analytics, and restrict your business growth. TrafficGuard Social enables marketers and advertisers to optimise their campaigns by yielding better results, with the same spend. ”
says Mat Ratty, CEO of TrafficGuard.

TrafficGuard Social will take several steps to reduce the risk of abuse from invalid clicks and help improve ad performance on Facebook, such as capping the number of times an ad is shown to a prospect. The program will constantly measure the activity on the website, and will record the source of that activity before determining if the activity is fraudulent in nature. The activity will then be segmented into audiences, and the information will be used to build exclusion lists on Facebook for pre-bid prevention by dynamically updating custom audiences using data from their proprietary intelligence tagging system. TrafficGuard Social will enable businesses to focus on optimisation and growth, analyse which platforms, campaigns, and creatives are performing better, while getting a complete view of social performance, without the skewing influence of invalid traffic.

TrafficGuard Social is available to enterprise businesses accounts on Come 2023, TrafficGuard will roll out social capabilities for self-serve SMB users whilst expanding its offering to TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn, in response to rising client demand.

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