Protect your business from unwanted data collection

Protect your business by only collecting valid, relevant traffic with TrafficGuard’s Data Collection Filter (DCF).

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Why we developed the  
Data Collection Filter

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Avoid legal liability

Using DCF reduces your liability risks associated with collecting unauthorized visitor data, even inadvertently through platforms like Google's Performance Max.

Improve performance

Improve the quality of marketing campaigns by eliminating irrelevant users from your retargeting audience.

Save marketing budget

In turn, improve your ROAS by only spending retargeting budget on relevant users with genuine intent.

How does the Data Collection Filter help you comply?

The DCF sits on your website and analyses the source of your incoming traffic, blocking unwanted data from being collected downstream by your other systems or allowing it through.

What does that mean for you? Increased compliance with data protection laws as you stop collecting data from potentially inappropriate clicks. Also improved marketing outcomes, as retargeting data is not clouded by users who immediately bounce from your website.

The DCF detects irrelevant clicks

The algorithm detects users who don’t engage further with your site, usually indicating they have no genuine interest, or worse still, may have clicked on your ad by mistake (for example, a child that was inadvertently shown your ad).

It may seem unfair, but even though a third-party is delivering these inappropriate clicks to your campaigns, as the advertiser you may still be responsible for breaching privacy laws.

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The DCF blocks that data from being collected and stored

That’s why the filtering process is so important. The DCF recognises when clicks come from invalid sources (based on those that do not engage further with the site or who bounce quickly) and ensures the data is never stored or tracked.

This process is intended to mitigate the risk of unintentionally retaining problematic data and enhances your current compliance processes.

You enjoy improved compliancy and ROAS

We’ve saved businesses millions of dollars in ad spend by intelligently ascertaining whether businesses should collect data from individual site visitors.

We enable you to adhere to data privacy regulations and at the same time, improve the quality of future marketing campaigns as retargeting audience pools are not clouded with invalid data.

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Setup takes minutes


Ensure GTM is in place

Google Tag Manager is a prerequisite to using DCF, once this is in place, you’re good to go.


Insert Javascript tag

Insert a Javascript onto your website and the filter will activate, instantly protecting your business from invalid clicks.


Nominate an IT expert

Once you nominate an internal IT representative, we’ll jump on a call and run through the process together.

Optimise Your Data Collection

Data privacy and quality are essential for successful digital marketing. Get started optimising your data collection with TrafficGuard’s PMax solution through a risk-free trial. Our team is standing by to help you implement this powerful tool.