Banking on Ad Fraud Prevention and Growing High-Street Accounts

June 22, 2022
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Over the past few years, the banking and financial services landscape has transformed massively. Where once the large conglomerates and legacy banks dominated the industry, the rise of ‘Challenger Banks’, modern banks that compete directly with traditional institutions, has created a revolution in financial services.

With so many providers now competing for a share of the market, and challenger banks investing in more digital marketing tactics, traditional providers are having to adapt how they present their services to an audience. Relying solely on having a physical presence isn’t enough anymore as businesses are investing more time, research and money into reaching customers digitally.

Investing large sums of money into adopting digital channels in your marketing strategy is a smart move for financial institutions, but even more so if you know for a fact your budget is returning the maximum investment possible. ROI can be increased by investing in appropriate channels, streamlining communications, and by removing invalid traffic.

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