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24 June 2019
24 June 2019
Posted by TrafficGuard

Complete buyer’s guide for mobile app ad fraud prevention

The impacts of fraud for mobile apps are significant and ultimately reduce your user acquisition and growth potential.

There are a large number of anti-fraud providers claiming to effectively tackle the problem, but few are proactively blocking ad fraud in real-time. So how do you choose a truly proactive solution that will help your app grow and succeed?

Download our handy Buyer’s guide for mobile app fraud prevention to help you learn about:

  • The 3 steps you can take to find the right anti-fraud solution for your business
  • The things you can look for to determine whether an anti-fraud solution is truly proactive
  • How the direct and indirect costs of ad fraud can impact your app
  • Why it’s so important to surgically remove ad fraud in real-time